Solid Tasmanian Oak Bed Frames

  • Latex Mattress Plush Soft

    Box Frame Square 140

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Box Frame Angled 140

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Chi Box Frame Angled

  • Kuki Box Frame Angled 190

  • Latex Mattress Luxury Medium Comfort

    Kuki Box Frame Rounded 190

  • latex-mattress-plush-firm

    Box Frame Angled 190

  • Box Frames

    Box Frame Square 190

  • Floating Bed Frame

    Kuki Box Frame Square 190

  • Latex Mattress Plush Soft Medium Comfort Support

    Poster Frame 190

  • Poster Frames

    Poster Frame 140

  • Zenith Poster Frame

    Zenith Poster Frame 140

  • Zenith Poster Bed

    Zenith Poster Frame 190

  • Japan Poster Frame 140

  • Platform Bed

    Platform Bed Frame 140

  • Latex Mattress Supreme Soft Comfort

    Platform Bed Frame 140 + Large Ball Set

  • Platform Bed Frames

    Platform Bed Frame 190

  • Platform Bed Frames

    Platform Bed Frame 190 + Medium Ball Set

  • Platform Bed Frames

    Platform Bed Frame 190 + Large Ball Set

  • Platform Frames

    Platform Bed Frame 190 + Tri Block Legs

  • Sofa Bed Frames

    Sofa Bed Frame

  • Sofa Bed Frames

    Sofa Bed Frame + Height Kit

  • Sofa Bed Frames

    Sofa Bed Frame + Arm Kit 140

  • Sofa Bed Frames

    Sofa Bed Frame + Arm Kit 190

  • Sofa Bed Frames

    Sofa Bed Frame + Arms 140 + Height Kit

  • Sofa Bed Frame

    Sofa Bed Frame + Recliner Kit

  • Lounge Bed Frame Square

    Lounge Bed Frame Square

  • Lounge Bed Frame Angled

    Lounge Bed Frame Angled

  • Japan Poster Frame 190

    Japan Poster Frame 190

  • Platform Invisible Frame

    Platform Invisible Frame

  • Therapeutic Motorised Bed Frame

    Therapeutic Motorised Bed Frame

Box Bed Frames

All of our Box Frames are beautifully crafted and 100% Australian Made. These Box Frames are the most popular range of bed frame types that we make. Our Box Frames are revolutionary and innovative in design. They all feature our quality posture slat support and integrated design systems that let you choose from up to15 different box frame designs with multiple leg and head board options. These options give you the flexibility to choose the bed frame that suits your tastes and home decor. The modern look of the box frames and compact design make them a stylish and practical choice for any size bedroom

Platform Bed Frames

We offer a range of beautifully crafted, modern Tasmanian Oak Platform Frames, which are all 100% Australian made. These frames are our most modern designs, getting their name from the flat, wide border or platform surrounding the mattress. Highlighting the natural beauty and essence of the timber, this impressive border creates a unique sense of style and a defined ambiance that frames the latex mattress perfectly.

Our Platform Frames are generally more suited to larger rooms, as the wide platforms do require more space. A number of featured leg options allow you to easily raise the Platform to the height that suits you, if you decide to customise away from the low line look. All of our Platform bed frames feature our quality posture slat support and integrated design system that lets you choose from hundreds of leg and head board options. These options give you the flexibility to style your bed frame to your exact taste and individual requirements.

If you are looking for something that really stands out, these Platform Frames are the perfect choice for you! Available in 14cm and 19cm wide, we have different Platform Frames to cater to differing personal tastes and applications. The only bed frames we make that will support our Super King Latex Mattresses are our King size Platform Frames.

Lounge Bed Frames

Our lounge bed frames have the most advanced design, allowing you to convert your lounge into a bed quickly and easily. These frames come complete with our Quality Posture Slat Support and integrated design system which offers you unsurpassed personalized comfort with a dozen seating angles. In contrast to our sofa bed frames, this design converts long ways, with the length of the bed becoming the seating area. The single fold design ensures unrestricted choice of our Latex Mattresses allowing for both our Latex Mattress Deluxe or our thicker Latex Mattress Supreme to be used. The extra seating room lets four people sit on the lounge very comfortably, perfect for larger rooms or where space is not an issue. The lounge bed frame features our integrated design system, giving you all the flexibility you require. The higher height in both lounge and bed positions give you a formal look without the need for any leg adjustment. The standard leg features two height settings, offering you different bed and lounge heights.

Castor wheels can also be fitted, ensuring the lounge is easier to move around the room or convert from a lounge to a bed position. We also stock a huge range of less expensive imported double size futon lounge beds. While they don’t have the same inbuilt quality as our lounge bed frames they are the best of all the imported ranges and still represent great value.

Poster Bed Frames

All of our beautifully crafted modern Poster Frames are 100% Australian Made. We can offer you a design concept that is innovative and revolutionary, while still maintaining a simple and sophisticated design which is far superior to traditional boring Poster Frames. By combining our flexible head and foot board features with a variety of post height and style options, you can create a unique and adaptable four poster design to suit your own personal style.

Our Integrated Design System and Quality Posture Slat Support come standard with all of our Poster Frames. The compact design of our Poster Frames ensures they will comfortably fit into any size bedroom, creating a stylish and modern look for your room. The Poster Frame design also provides you with the option of inverting head and foot boards, to create a completely different style, as well as allowing you to change or add features to develop original or contemporary aesthetic options.

Sofa Bed Frames

All our Sofa Bed Frames are 100% Australian made. Having features that surpass those of any other sofa bed, they are some of the most versatile and comfortable sofa beds in the world. Ours are the only solid timber Queen and King sized posture slat sofa beds on the market to offer a width way converting fully optioned design. Our unique three way conversion design, converts to a full Queen or King size bed, while as a sofa they use much less space. Our King sized sofa bed can accommodate seats for 3-4 people, while a Queen can seat 2-3 people comfortably.

Our easy and simple to use design can be converted in seconds and makes no compromises on sleeping or sitting comfort. You are guaranteed to receive only the very best in personalized support, as our clever design fully facilitates our quality Posture Slat Support System. With the use of any of our three different Sofa Bed Frame Kits, you can easily customise your sofa bed at any time to enhance its functionality. This three-fold and compact design is more commonly used with our 12cm Latex Deluxe mattress, however you can also use our 17cm Latex Supreme mattress if you are primarily using just the reclining or bed position. Our Futon Mattresses can be used with our sofa beds. They are a less expensive option but not ideal and we recommend them for occasional, guest use only.

Head Boards

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Head Board 140 + 140 shelf

  • Box Frames & Head Boards

    Head Board Square 190

  • Box Frames & Head Boards

    Head Board Rounded 190

  • Head Boards

    Head Board Square 380

  • Box Frames & Head Boards

    Head Board Angled 280

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Japan Head Board + Angled 90

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Japan Head Board Reversed

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Japan Head Board + Shelf 140

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Head Board Angled 140 x 2

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Head Board Angled 140 + 90

  • Head Board Angled + Rounded 140

    Head Board Angled + Rounded 140

  • Box Frames and Head Boards

    Japan Head Board Reversed Angled 90


  • Medium Ball Leg Set

    Medium Ball Leg Set

  • Large Ball Leg Set

    Large Ball Leg Set

  • Tri Block Leg Set

    Tri Block Leg Set

  • Kuki Bearer Kit

    Kuki Bearer Kit

  • Multi Block Kit

    Multi Block Kit

  • Castor Leg Set

    Castor Leg Set

Foot Boards

  • Foot Board and Capping Board

    Foot Board Angled 140 + Capping 90

  • Foot Board and Capping Board

    Foot Board Angled 190 + Capping 140

  • Foot Board Angled

    Foot Board Angled 190

Latex Bed Accessories

  • Recliner Kit

    Recliner Kit

  • Extra Height Kit

    Extra Height Kit

  • Arm Head Board Kit

    Arm Head Board Kit 190

  • Zenith Poster Bed

    Canopy Kit

  • Multi Block Kit

    Multi Block Kit

Head Boards

Express your creative style and choose from over a hundred different headboard designs. All our head boards fit any of our bed frames, giving you great flexibility in your choice and can also be added or removed at any time. Our head boards feature four overall height options, ensuring the perfect look for any thickness mattress while also providing different aesthetic styles. For head boards with more than one board, gaps between the boards can also be adjusted to suit your individual taste. Our head boards are also fully invertible; this feature allows you to change the style at home whenever you like. Two piece Head boards can also sit flat on top of the Head Board, as Capping Boards.

In our custom design display there are hundreds of different head boards and foot boards to choose from, all suited to match perfectly our bed frames and Latex mattresses. Choosing is easy. First, go to the bed frames display and select the bed frame style you like best, then match it with a Head Board style. Different Foot Boards and Leg options are also available. Ideally, you will have already completed the Latex Mattresses sleep system consultation to obtain your best Latex Mattress and Slat system prescription and price. Now you can add the price of your chosen bed frame and any headboard, footboard or leg options to the price. If you are unsure of what might look best or need any help choosing, feel free to contact us for friendly advice and service.


All our leg designs come fully integrated, offering unlimited aesthetic options for your bed frame. Have fun exploring the endless options and choose a leg set that expresses your own unique style. Our Box Frames have the largest range of leg sets that can be fitted to them, including solid timber balls, feature leg blocks, castors and even the full length Kuki Support Bearers. They can easily be reconfigured to the inverted position, offering a completely different look and easily removed or added at anytime.

The standard box frame legs come in numerous heights. High is the most popular, followed by extra high and then low, for the low line look. All legs have a duel height feature, allowing you to choose from two overall bed heights at any time, a useful feature if you decide at anytime that you prefer a different height. They come in various widths, including 9cm, 14cm and 19cm. 14cm is the most popular, followed by 19cm and then 9cm if a more discrete look is required. They come with a slight angle or straight if you prefer a straight line feature.

If you wish to fit any of our feature legs, castors, balls and support bearers to our box frames or lounge beds, you will need our multi block set. Multi blocks or L code standard legs come included in the box frame price. All the feature leg sets are priced separately as a set of four. The Kuki Box Frame design includes the Kuki Support Bearers; if you wish to fit the Kuki Support Bearers to any of the other box frames you can purchase them separately and fit them at any time.

Our leg designs are fully integrated with our Latex bed frames. There are hundreds of different styles, so combine with your choice of head and foot boards to give full reign to your aesthetic expression. First choose the frame style you like and then match in your desired head board and feature leg options, to create your own personal style. If you need any help deciding on what looks best, please give us a call and let our experts help you select the best options. To determine your mattress and slat system type, please do our sleep system consultation. Any of our box frame legs and feature legs, balls, castors or support bearers can be fitted to any of our box frames. They can also be easily inverted or turned around, to change the aesthetics. You can add any of our leg options at any time when desired or when budget permits.The box frame standard legs come included in the price of all our Box Frames. They are available in three different heights: extra high, high, and low. Each leg has a dual height feature, so the overall bed height can be altered to suit a different thickness Latex Mattresses if desired. The legs also come in three different widths, 190, 140 and 90mm and you can choose from a straight or slightly angled design.You will need our special Multi Block Kit to fit any of our feature legs, balls, castors or support bearers to our Box frames or Tassha Lounge frames. All the box frame standard L code legs or multi blocks are included in the price of the box frame. Feature legs, balls and castors are extra and are priced in sets of four. Only the Kuki Box Frame comes complete with the Kuki Bearer supports. However, you can purchase the Kuki Bearer Kit and fit it to any of our other box frames at any time.Feature blocks, balls and castors can also be used on the Platform and Poster frames, in which case the multi blocks are not required. All these features are fully interchangeable, offering hundreds of possible aesthetic styles.

Foot Boards

Our Foot Boards come with the same features as our Head Boards and all have two overall height positions allowing you to adjust them in relation to the latex mattress height or to suit your own individual taste and style.

Latex Bed Accessory Kits

Our range of accessory kits is designed to easily expand the functionality and aesthetic options of all our bed frames. These kits are designed in harmony with our integrated design system to enhance your experience of all our beds.


The three Kyaku Sofa Bed Accessory Kits are designed to increase the functionality of the Kyaku Sofa Bed range. The Kyaku Sofa Bed frame is fully provisioned for all the kits, so a kit can be purchased initially or at any time. You can use all the kits together without affecting the function of any of the kits; we call this function in harmony. We recommend the 12cm thick Latex Mattress for the Kyaku Sofa Bed design. You can use the 17cm thick Latex Mattress if you intend to use just the bed and recliner positions, but for the compact sofa position the bending of the mattress is not a easy with the 17cm thick mattress.


Our Recliner Kit enables you to convert the Kyaku Sofa Bed frame from the bed or compact sofa position to a reclining or banana chair position in seconds. Great for reading a book, watching television or just relaxing with your legs stretched out.


Our Arm Head Board Kit can be used as a full-width head board for the bed position or you can quickly convert it to arms for the sofa position. The two Arm Head Board Kit types available are: 190mm or 140mm wide, and they both have two head board height options. The ends of the arm-head board tops can be angled or rounded and can be fully reversed for different aesthetic style. Also, the arm- head board panels can be a two tone colour on one side and matching on the other, allowing you at any time the interest of a contrasting aesthetic.


Our Height Kit allows you to elevate the Kyaku Sofa Bed frame to the height of a normal bed. You can also use it to elevate the couch to 3 different height positions and choose over ten possible contour positions for sleeping.


You can change or add at any time any of the feature legs, balls, castors or support bearers to any of our Box frames and Tassha Lounge Bed frames, using our Multi Block Kit. You can get this kit with your initial purchase or at any time. The Multi Block Kit is completely concealed behind the frame and is not seen; its purpose is functional only. Multi Blocks provide a set-back position which is suited to the wider feature legs and they also enable attachment of the legs in various positions, for example further inwards creating a more suspended look or towards the ends of the end boards for a spanned look.


Capping Board Block Kits enable you to add a Capping Board to your head board without the head board height being compromised. Capping blocks are fitted to the bottom of the capping board, which is then cam-bolted to the provision in the upright of the head board. With most models you can also fit capping boards directly to the head board uprights, in which case capping blocks would not be required, but the head board would be 70mm lower.


Canopy Kits consist of 2 end canopy rails, 2 side canopy rails and 4 feature blocks. These form a canopy when fitted to the top of the Zenith Poster frame. The canopy can be left as-is, producing the clean lines of modern aesthetics or you can dress it up to your taste with romantic lace or bed curtains.