Platform Bed Frame 190 + Large Ball Set

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Our large 19cm wide Platform Frame features a border even wider than our 14cm Platform, giving even more emphasis to the framing of the mattress, while also maximizing the amount of stunning timber that is seen around the mattress. A wonderful ambience is created by the exquisite two tiered Japan 28cm wide head board and 9cm wide capping board. The curves on the Japan head are a perfect match for the large balled feet, which blend beautifully together and create an eye-catching contrast with the more modern, square shaped features of the frame. When placed in the inverted position, the Japan head board presents a dramatic change whilst retaining the aesthetic integrity of the overall bed design. Hundreds of different head board and leg options are available to you with our Integrated Design System, while our Quality Posture Slat Support guarantees you get the best night’s sleep you have ever had.