Sofa Bed Frame + Arms 140 + Height Kit

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This Sofa Bed includes a beautifully crafted Tasmanian Oak Queen sized Sofa Bed Frame in a Jarrah finish, complemented by a matching Jarrah Arm Head Board Kit and Extra Height Kit. Pictured here, the arms are displayed as a full width head board which compliments the more formal extra height bed position. Just looking at this picture makes it hard to believe that this can quickly and easily be turned back into a compact sofa with arms. The Extra Height Kit also allows for three different personalized inclined seating positions. Additionally, you can customise the frame with up to 8 different slightly elevated and contoured bed positions, all thanks to our clever Integrated Design System. Our Quality Posture Slat System comes complete with all our Sofa Bed Frames, ensuring you always get the perfect comfort and support.