Sofa Bed Frame + Arm Kit 140

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Pictured here, this Sofa Bed Frame is beautifully crafted in solid hardwood with a Jarrah finish and matching Arm Head Board Kit. The rounded ends of the arms add a softer look and provide a comfortable hand rest. If you prefer a more modern and straight lined look, arm tops with angled ends are available. In addition to this, the Arm Head Board Kit is available in a contrasting two-tone finish and with 14cm and 19cm panel heights. The Arm Head Board Kit has two height settings creating different aesthetic options suitable for different mattress heights. True to its name, the Arm Head Board Kit is able to be used as a full width Head Board when in the bed position or as arms when used as a sofa. Our Quality Posture Slat Support System comes complete with all our Sofa Bed Frames.