20 Year Warranty

100 Day Comfort Guarantee

20 Year Warranty , Buy With Confidence !

You can be sure that when you buy your Latex Mattress from us, you will be 100% confident of satisfaction.

Our 100 Day Comfort Guarantee is backed by our 20 year warranty.

We combine the data you supply in our sleep system consultation with our extensive product knowledge, to make sure that you get the right mattress.

We supply our customers with the highest quality Latex Mattresses and bed frames. We are committed to ensuring that all our customers are 100% happy with the mattress and bed frames they purchase.

Bedding In

Sometimes it can take a little while to adjust to your new Latex Mattress. Please sleep on your new Latex mattress for at least 10 days before you consider an exchange. If you decide to use our Comfort Guarantee you need to contact us within 100 days from taking delivery, so we can work out a suitable exchange.

Terms and Conditions of Exchange 

The Latex Mattress cores must be returned in their original new condition and undamaged. Take proper care of your new latex mattress during the 100 day comfort guarantee period and insure the latex cores are always kept clean. A mattress core that has been damaged, altered, dirted or soiled in any way will void the comfort guarantee.
If you decide to use our Comfort Guarantee you will need to consult with us first before attempting to package or return any Latex Mattress cores.
Your Latex Mattress cores can be exchanged for any of our Latex Mattresses cores of the same type and of equal or greater value. If the mattress core is of greater value, you will pay the difference.
You can exchange your latex mattress cores only once during the 100 day comfort guarantee period. Your latex mattress covers are not included in the Comfort Guarantee. Any cores that are cut to non standard sizes will not be covered under the comfort guarantee.

Because we take so much care prescribing the right latex mattress for you and because you can fine tune the density and feel of your new latex mattress at home, we get very few returns under our comfort Guarantee.

As a further good will gesture all our returned latex mattress cores are re-covered and donated to Charity.

Our Commitment

We want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. If you are not happy with your mattress or bed frame for any reason, please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution.

When you are sleeping happily in your new bed, please tell your friends.

Your new Latex Mattress carries a 20 year warranty. Make sure you read the warranty conditions and register for your warranty below.

When you fill out your warranty registration, we would very much appreciate it if you include a testimonial about our products and service in the space provided.


It is important that you register your warranty.

Be aware that a Warranty is only as good as the company or person behind it! Dawn latex Mattresses have been making Latex Mattresses for over 30 years, established in Adelaide since 1986 by Brett Craig who is still the current owner and manager. We have earned the right to offer a 20 Year Warranty based on our knowledge and experience over time. Some Latex Mattress companies offer 10, 20 or even 25 year warranties and in some cases, have only been in business for few months. Be aware of “Pop up Shops” that have very little experience or knowledge offering what is “too good to be true”. Their warranties are usually a safe guard for them, not a proper protection for you. If a warranty looks complicated and your getting lost in the fine print, its a sure sign that the warranty has been designed to protect the Warrantor or company and unfortunately not you.

Conditions and Terms of Your Warranty

When you buy a bed from us, you are buying a bed that may very well last you a lifetime and so we want our warranty to reflect this promise.

Dawn Latex Mattresses, if satisfied that a claim is warranted will replace or repair at it’s option (with same or similar materials)  your latex mattress, slat system or bed frame for the original purchaser who registers the warranty, as set out here below.

All our solid timber bed frames and furniture have our Life Time Warranty and our Posture Slat Support Systems have a 10 year warranty

All our Latex Mattresses have our 20 year warranty 

All our Latex Toppers and Pillows have our 5 year Warranty 

The original purchaser must register the warranty.

A clearer or fairer Warranty would be hard to find. You don’t have to be scared of traps in the fine print.

Your warranty will cover

Your Warranty covers the replacement or repair of any faulty materials or workmanship for the specified time.

Your warranty will not cover any damage caused by negligence, misuse, incompatible use, improper care, unauthorised repairs, accidents or normal wear and tear.

In addition, the Warranty is valid only for the original purchaser; it is not transferable or extendable.

Your warranty does not cover any transport costs incurred to replace or repair any of the goods under warranty.

Your Warranty does not cover damage caused through incompatible use. To ensure you get the most compatible and comfortable slat support and latex mattress, you should do our Mattress Finder and follow its recommendations. Otherwise, the Warranty may be void if you use our mattresses or slat support systems that are incorrectly suited to your body type, or if you use our products with other manufacturer’s products that are inadequate.

Please register your Purchase Warranty