Latex Mattresses Slat Systems Only

Posture Slat System S1-S1


Posture Slat System S1-S2


Posture Slat System S1-S3


Posture Slat System S2-S2


Posture Slat System S2-S3


Posture Slat System S3-S3


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Latex Mattresses Slat Systems:

Every bed frame that we make has our specially designed posture slat system. The laminated timber posture slats are highly flexible and have a slight upward curve allowing them to support the spine correctly. The posture slats are made from 100% plantation birch wood and are 53mm wide and 10mm thick. We guarantee our posture slats against breakage or flattening for up to 20 years. Avoid Posture slats that are made from Beech wood or are only 38mm wide as they will more easily break and are prone to flattening problems.

Slat Support Types

Latex mattresses are supported best by any of our 3 slat support systems, which we label S1, S2 and S3. The slat systems are divided into two sides enabling both people in the bed to choose the slat support type that best suits their individual needs. If you are a lighter weight person you may only require S1; for a bigger person we recommend S2 or S3. Our slat system offers up to six individualised support options. All our bed frames feature our S1 slat system inclusive in the price. S2 and S3 slat systems cost extra. We also sell posture slat system kits that can be bought separately. We recommend that you use only our posture slat system for our Latex Mattresses; or we can fit our posture slat kits to your existing bed frame if required.

latex mattresses dawn beds adelaide
latex mattresses dawn beds adelaide

Weight Adjustment Gliders:

Our weight adjustment gliders ensure you can tailor your support system to the exact comfort and support requirements that you desire. They enable you to double up the slats in the spinal area or where greater support is needed. By sliding the Gliders out to the ends, the slats become stiffer and by sliding them together they become more flexible. This enables you to tailor the slats to your exact individual requirements, for better comfort and correct support. This slat support system is further enhanced when combined with one of our Latex Mattresses that has been correctly prescribed. Please do our Free 1 minute sleep system consultation to receive valuable information on the best slat system and latex mattress for you.

latex mattresses dawn beds adelaide