Zenith Poster Frame 140

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Our stylish 14cm Zenith Poster Frame conveys a sense of space which blends well with the higher airy aesthetic of the canopy. Beautifully crafted from solid Tasmanian Oak in Jarrah finish, this frame is simply stunning. Placing the head board in the straight position complements the square straight features of this frame, while reversing the head board into a concave curved position, as seen here, introduces a softer element to the overall design . The posts can be styled with a variety of optional feature blocks or balled turnings, as shown here using our Medium Ball Set. To create a more romantic or ornate style, you can dress the canopy with traditional lace or curtains, dramatically transforming the look. You can easily add or remove the canopy at any given time. Our Quality Slat Support System comes complete with this beautiful poster frame, ensuring you get the best support and sleep you have ever had.