Shopping for Latex Mattresses

Buying a latex bed or shopping for a quality Latex Mattress can be confusing. Ours are the best claims every supplier. So who should you trust? You are in safe hands if you purchase from an experienced Latex Mattresses specialist who guarantees their product quality which is backed by independent research and certification.

Pop up Companies with no retail store or local manufacturing, selling online latex mattresses made overseas should be avoided. Generally they lack experience and reliability and they might just as quickly Pop down leaving you with no after sales service or warranty.  

Two key independent bodies, the ECO and LGA institutes, test the quality of latex mattress bedding materials; ECO tests the material content of the latex mattresses and LGA tests for the durability and resilience of the Latex Mattresses.

Download ECO Test results

Download LGA Test results

Also confusing is the fact that price does not necessarily determine quality. You can pay thousands more and still not get the best quality latex mattress.

People ask: Why Natural Latex Mattresses are so expensive?

The truth is that they are not; not when you consider what it takes to harvest the raw material, to tap the sap from the Rubber Tree, and then to process this precious raw material into the best quality 100% Natural Latex Mattress. It takes almost 1000 tappings to produce one Queen size Natural Latex Mattress. For this you need to tap 7.5 hectares of rubber tree plantation. Each tapping needs to be done skilfully by hand, there is no machine that can do the job. The high labour component in the harvesting of the latex sap makes the raw latex so valuable that it is called Liquid Gold, and ships have been pirated for this precious cargo.

The other factor to weigh up, is that when you buy one of our Premium Quality Latex Mattresses, you are making an investment in sublime sleeping comfort for at least 20 years. This is about 5475 sleeps, which works out to about 25 cents per sleep, not expensive for a good night’s sleep.

Thickness and Density Designed for Your Support and Comfort

Our Latex Mattresses come in 3 different densities; Firm, Medium and Soft. This means that within our Multi Density range there are 32 different density options. Some latex mattresses are made from cheaper quality latex, resulting in premature collapsing, whereas all our latex mattresses, regardless of thickness, are made from only Premium Quality ensuring their longevity.

The thickness and density of the Latex Mattress that we prescribe for you will be determined by several factors. Generally speaking, our 17cm Latex Mattresses Supreme range are for people of lighter weight and are best combined with our support systems only. Our 22cm Latex Mattress Luxury range are for people of medium to heavier weight. Our 27cm Latex Mattress Plush range are for heavier weights and although not advised, can sometimes be combined with standard slat supports.

Generally speaking a person of average weight, say between 60kg -100 kg, would require a Latex Mattress not less than 17cm thick and no greater than 22cm thick.

A Latex Mattress that is thicker than what you require for your body type, will not only be more expensive, but can sometimes negate the benefits of our special posture slats systems.

Dawn Latex Beds, The World’s Best

We have a reputation for the best quality and price.

Our 100% Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses are made in our own factory, so you make a Genuine Saving.

It is undisputed in the bedding industry that Premium 100% Natural Latex makes the best quality bedding known to man; their comfort and durability are simply unmatched.

Our range is superior: featuring latex mattresses that are made from 100% Natural, 7- Zoned, Multi- Density, highest point LGA, ECO and GOLS certified Quality Latex. The Latex cores can then be covered in our Heavy Duty 1000gsm, 100% Cotton and 100% Natural Tencel Quilted, Removable washable covers.

Our 100% Natural Latex is sourced and made in Sri Lanka from locally harvested and properly managed rubber tree plantations. Rubber trees are long-lived and a naturally sustainable resource. Our supplier in Sri Lanka has maintained a world-renowned reputation for producing the highest quality 100% Natural Latex Mattresses for over 65 years.

Sometimes customers are confused because there appear to be many types of latex mattresses. However, in fact there are really only two main types, 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and Synthetic Blended Latex Mattresses. There are also some mattresses which are called latex mattresses which have no natural latex at all, so it is very important to know these differences when shopping for a latex mattress.

Dunlop latex

The Dunlop processed latex is the original process which produces 100% Natural Dawn Latex Mattresses. Dunlopillo however is only a brand name and is a synthetic blended latex mattress. When we say that our latex mattresses are made from 100% Natural Latex it means that there are no synthetic polymers or fillers mixed with our Natural Latex polymer. However, it is always necessary to include 4% -5% of other natural and non- toxic materials to convert the 100% natural liquid latex polymer into natural latex foam for making our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses.

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Talalay Latex

Talalay latex mattresses usually have a synthetic blended latex mattress core. The percentage of synthetic material blended with the natural latex polymer can vary from 20% to 80% depending on the manufacturer. European manufacturers in particular favour the Talalay process as they need to compensate for the high import costs of getting the natural latex from Asian countries by adding petroleum based synthetic polymers.

latex mattresses beds adelaide

Latex Mattresses Natural Latex?

Our Latex Mattresses are made from 100% Pure Natural Latex derived from the white milky sap tapped from the bark of the Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). Today we use the very same rubber sap that Christopher Columbus in 1496 discovered the Haitian natives making into wondrous balls that bounced. Our Latex Mattresses are made using the same traditional, but improved methods that were first created in the 1930’s by the Dunlop Rubber Company in England now know as the 100% Natural Dunlop Process. The sap is made into soft, honeycombed foam- like material. The unique properties and micro- cellular structure of this material mean superior durability, comfort and hygiene. From growing to harvesting, through the whole production process and for its long life, our Natural Latex Beds Mattresses are one of the most environmentally beneficial products you will ever own. We like to say that our Latex Mattresses are derived from one of the most miraculous gifts in nature.

Design Features

Our Latex Mattresses have a continuous zipper around the whole mattress. This allows the top section of the mattress cover to be easily removed for cleaning or washing at home, as well as giving you easy access to the latex cores. The care label instructions are on the inside, which you can see upon immediately unzipping the cover. Read the instructions carefully as some of our covers are not washable and please contact us if you need any further help or advice. Always wash your cover in cold water and on a gentle cycle only, using a mild detergent. We recommend drying in the shade only and out of direct sunlight. Washing your cover once or twice a year will provide for good general hygiene. If you are very sensitive to dust mites or suffer from allergies, you may want to wash your cover more frequently. You can also dry clean your latex mattress cover, in which case we recommend you use Green Earth, an environmentally friendly, water- based dry cleaning process. Green Earth also leaves your latex mattress cover looking and smelling clean and fresh, unlike spirit-based conventional dry cleaning processes which smell unpleasant and contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and also can have an environmentally negative impact. To Contact Green Earth, please contact

Immediate responsive support

Our Natural Latex Mattresses immediately respond to different weights, providing the best possible comfort and support. Synthetic latex mattresses unfortunately do not react to weight as instantly causing your body to collapse into the mattress more. This depression encloses more body surface area, which in turn increases your body heat, and causes restless, disturbed sleep.

Seven zones engineered for your comfort

Our Latex Mattresses have 7 zones for correct support which is vitally important. These zones promote correct spinal alignment which can help relieve pressure-point pain. Some parts of your body are different weights and shapes than other parts, so they are supported best by different levels of softness or firmness. For example, your neck and head are much lighter than your middle section or abdomen and so require a softer support. Generally speaking, the heavier parts of your body require a firmer density zone and the lighter parts of your body require a softer zone. Our Quality Natural Latex Mattresses have specifically engineered support zones, achieved by forming different pinhole sizes and configurations in the latex during the moulding process. These zones are symmetrical from the head to foot, so their relative positions do not change even when the latex mattresses are rotated or turned.

All the zones complement each other and work together to provide your body with the best support and comfort.

Multi Density Adjustment and Smart Design

Our Latex Mattresses have our unique multi-density latex cores. This is different from the zoning system which determines different densities in different parts along the length of the latex mattress. Our Multi- Density feature enables you to create different density settings over the entire mattress surface. Our multi density feature allows you to fine tune your Latex Mattresses at home, allowing you to choose many different density settings within the one mattress.

Considering that our Premium Quality Latex Mattresses can last up to 20 years, it makes good sense to be able to adjust your latex mattress as your needs change. What is comfortable at one time may change in years to come and that’s when you can take full advantage of our inbuilt Multi-Density adjustable feature. You always have the option to maintain optimum support and comfort.
Lots of customers tell the story of buying a bed from another store and then getting it home only to discover that it wasn’t as comfortable as they thought and then they are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress. This is because quick in-store trials are not 100% reliable in determining the correct mattress density. That’s why having this adjustment feature available at home and at any time is so valuable.

Our latex mattresses are usually made up of 2 or 3 different density latex cores, usually soft, medium and firm. How the mattress feels is determined by which side you sleep on and how you configure the layers; for example, when the softer layers are at the top sleeping surface, the mattress will feel softer or when the firmer layers are at the top the mattress it will feel firmer. Our 10cm Multi Density cores have a firm and a soft side to the core. Our 15cm Latex Mattresses have an additional 5cm core, which can provide up to 4 different overall density adjustments. We also do 20cm and 25cm thick mattress cores, generally the more thickness, the more cores, the more adjustment.

The image below of Soft/Medium and Medium/Firm, illustrates some of the different possible densities of our latex mattresses. The bottom firm layer is 85kg/m3, the medium layer is 75kg and the soft layer is 65kg, all made from the same 100% natural latex to form our unique multi density latex core. You can move the latex cores around to create more density settings.

For more details please consult our Multi Density Configuration Chart below.

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Latex Mattress Cores

Our Latex Mattress Supreme range are up to 17cm thick. They usually have one 10cm core and one 5cm thick core of different densities. Depending on the density of the blocks it is possible to create up to 4 different density settings. See chart above.

As shown in the chart, when the separate 5cm core is a different density to either density in the 10cm multi density core, up to 4 possible density setting are available Within this choice however, you do not have the option of a Mono Setting (the same density setting on both sides of the mattress).

Mono Settings are possible where the separate 5cm core is the same density as the 10cm core, or in the case of a top 5cm core being the same density as the bottom 5cm core, irrespective of the density of the middle 5cm core.

Our Latex Luxury Mattresses are up to 22cm thick, they usually have two 10cm multi density latex cores of different densities or one 10cm latex core with two 5cm latex cores of different densities.

Our Latex Luxury Plush Mattresses are up to 27cm thick, they usually have two 10cm multi density latex cores of different densities and one 5cm latex core of your chosen density.

We also provide split multi density latex mattress cores. This is still one latex mattress but we tailor the densities differently for each side of the mattress, allowing you and your partner to have your own density prescription on your side of the latex mattress.

A Good Night Sleep Improves your Lifestyle

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Sleeping Quality

A healthy sleeping environment is paramount for a good healthy sleep. Because you are a natural living organism your health and well being are best supported by the most naturally breathing and healthy bedding. Our Latex Mattresses and Posture Slat Support Frames are the best in providing the attributes of a healthy sleeping environment. Most people unfortunately underestimate the importance of good sleep. About a third of your life in spent in bed so it is important to sleep well. A poor sleep affects your general well being and performance physically, intellectually, and emotionally, so the quality of your sleep is of the highest importance. Because everybody is different, in their, health, age and life style, we match our Latex Mattresses and Sleep Systems specifically to your personal requirements, rather than taking a broad brush, impersonal approach.

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Air Circulation for health

A healthy sleeping environment is paramount for a good healthy sleep. Because you are a natural living organism your health and well being are best supported by the most naturally breathing and healthy bedding. Our Latex Mattresses and Posture Slat Support Frames are the best in providing the attributes of a healthy sleeping environment. Most people unfortunately underestimate the importance of good sleep. About a third of your life in spent in bed so it is important to sleep well. A poor sleep affects your general well being and performance physically, intellectually, and emotionally, so the quality of your sleep is of the highest importance. Because everybody is different, in their, health, age and life style, we match our Latex Mattresses and Sleep Systems specifically to your personal requirements, rather than taking a broad brush, impersonal approach.

Latex Mattresses are naturally Anti dust mite

Conventional beds, using poor materials and design, will usually be treated with chemicals to help prevent dust mite infestation. But if your bed is made with the right materials and design, like ours, you will need no artificial chemical protection. Think about this: if the chemicals are killing the dust mites, how are they affecting you when sleeping? It makes a lot more sense to choose bedding which will not encourage the Dust mites in the first place. All our Natural Latex Mattresses and posture slat support frames Guarantee you the best air circulation through and around the mattress, which makes chemical treatments unnecessary.

Washable covers

Our Latex Mattresses feature the easiest, most effective and naturally healthy cleaning options to guard against Dust mite infestation. The covers are fully removable and washable. Our two part cover design means the top of the cover can be completely unzipped from the bottom, allowing you to wash both parts easily at home. For best results wash once a year, gently in cold water and dry in the shade. Or you can dry clean your cover, in which case we recommend the Green Earth Cleaning system.

latex mattresses beds adelaide

Better Air Flow Slat Bases

Posture Slats are the healthiest support for your mattress. Did you know that of your total body mass over 60% is water? No surprise, then, that the average sleeper perspires about half a cup of moisture every night! Ideally, for you to remain comfortable, this moisture should be easily absorbed, travel through the mattress unrestricted and then allowed to naturally dissipate through the gaps between the slats.

Both the width of the slats and the spaces between them are important.

Bases which have about a 50mm wide slat with a 50mm gap between them provide good support and air circulation for your mattress. If the slats are too wide, the mattress gets less air circulation with a greater risk that moisture can be trapped in the mattress and between the mattress and the slats. This encourages bacterial growth, which damages your mattress and can harm your health. If wider slats are used, you may have to turn the mattress more frequently to maintain the same level of hygiene. Another disadvantage of wider slats is that they are less flexible and so are less able to give good contouring support and comfort. Problems also occur if the slats are spaced too close together or too far apart. Too close together, and air circulation is restricted, as is flexibility and contouring ability. If the slats are spaced too far apart then the latex mattress will not get proper support. The slats also must be able to span the width of the bed frame without sagging, so with many designs we strongly recommend (except for single beds) a supporting centre rail engineered to take the weight.

Sometimes consumers are not given proper advice about the support systems required for Latex Mattresses. Retailers after a quick sale will not tell you that standard ensemble and timber frame bases designed for inner spring mattresses will not provide adequate support for Latex mattresses. The rigid structure and chemically treated synthetic materials of inner spring mattresses render them immune to any advantage from the air flow of a proper slat base support. By contrast, the effectiveness of a 100% Natural Latex Mattress, being a highly flexibly and naturally breathing mattress, is enhanced when complemented by our specifically designed Posture Slat Support Systems. Other types of support bases can be used with a latex mattress. However, we recommend that our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses should have a maximum 70mm wide slat with a 70mm gap between the slats, supported by a centre rail engineered to take the weight . Our superior Posture Slat Support Bases are matched perfectly to our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and for maximum air flow and support we use only 53mm wide Posture Slats with a 50mm gap between them. Although not recommended, it is possible to use wider slats but this would mean that the comfort and support would be reduced and more frequent turning of the mattress would be required. If you are still unsure about a particular support base, please contact us, we will be happy to be of assistance.

Natural verses Synthetic

In summary, these are the benefits of our Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses over synthetic latex mattresses.

  1. Latex Mattresses are 100% Natural Non-Toxic Materials only
  2. Latex Mattresses are Environmentally Friendly
  3. Latex Mattresses Healthier and More Hygienic
  4. Latex Mattresses provide Cooler Comfort that Breathes Better
  5. Latex Mattresses have Greater Resilience and Durability

For all these benefits, Dawn Natural Latex Mattresses are the ultimate choice.

Natural 100%Non Toxic Pure Latex

The ECO institute is an independent testing body that monitors the composition of latex mattress cores and reports any toxic materials that may be harmful to your health. For easy understanding the tests are scored out of 100%. Our Latex mattresses are made from 100% Natural Latex Polymer with no synthetic polymers used. To convert our 100% liquid latex polymer into latex foam no more than 4.5% of Zinc Oxide and other non toxic materials are required. The 4.5% of other content is needed to insure the quality of our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses.

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Download ECO Test results

2. Friendly for the Environment

Our Natural Latex Mattresses are the most environmentally friendly bedding option, healthier for you and the Planet. To see how much less energy is used to produce Natural Latex Mattresses compared to Synthetic latex mattresses or Foam, see our LEC (Latex Energy Conservation) chart. Our Latex mattresses are fully bio-degradable. By contrast, mattresses made of petroleum- based synthetic materials clog land fill and when burnt release toxic gases. Our Natural Latex Mattresses decompose naturally and releases no toxins.

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Download LGA Test results

3. More Healthy and Hygienic

Naturally Anti Dust mite and Anti-Bacterial

Our Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses have better natural anti- bacterial properties than any other type of bedding on the market. Their excellent breathability prevents moisture build- up, the major cause of bacterial growth and dust mite infestation, so you don’t have to use anti- bacterial chemicals. By contrast, synthetic latex traps moisture, causing bacteria and dust mites to flourish, so the introduction of additional chemicals is then needed to combat this problem.

Naturally Hypoallergenic Properties

Our Natural Latex Mattresses are better for anybody’s health and well being. They are especially beneficial for people who suffer from any allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory problems, hay fever, asthma and eczema. All of our mattress cores go through an extensive washing process at the final stage of production, ensuring they are the cleanest and most contaminant- free in the world.

4. Breathes For Cooler Comfort

Our Natural Latex Mattresses breathe better than mattresses made with synthetic latex. It is generally true that natural materials breathe better than synthetic materials and provide greater comfort. For example, 100% woollen or natural Tencel quilts compared to synthetic ones or 100% cotton clothing compared to synthetic clothing. It is the breathability of Natural Materials which give them the unique ability to respond to body temperature fluctuations. The reason you feel more relaxed and comfortable is because your body’s in-built temperature regulation mechanism is in balance with the natural material and is not stressed by synthetic materials. The unique breathing open-cell structure of our Natural Latex Mattresses is unmatched by any other bedding material on the market. Be careful when comparing the quality of Latex Mattresses. The micro-cellular structures and longevity of natural latex can be compromised by poor manufacturing processes, affecting its breathing properties, resulting in discomfort and premature wearing of the mattress. Such damage is not easily seen and can only be recognised by an experienced manufacturer, that’s why you should only buy your Latex Mattress from a Latex Mattress Specialist.

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
Other important factors affecting how well a latex mattress can breathe is the type of covering material used. Dawn Latex Mattress covers are made from a strong 100% cotton fabric, between which is sandwiched a very generous 1000gsm 100% Tencel quilted wadding. A synthetic material, such as polyester or wool/polyester blends, can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Not our Tencel quilting, which has unmatched cooling and comfort properties. Tencel quilting breathes better, (about 50% better than cotton quilting) has a greater capacity to dissipate moisture, and adapts better to your body temperature and seasonal changes. You spend about a third of your life in bed, so the more relaxed and comfortable you are during sleep, the more efficiently your body regenerates itself and the greater your overall well being and health will become. The breathability of both the mattress and its cover is particularly important for infants and older people who suffer more from the dangers of heat stress because their bodies do not regulate temperature so efficiently.

5. Greater Resilience and Durability

(LGA) or Landes Gewerbe Anstalt is an independent German institute that tests the durability and resilience of latex mattresses worldwide. A heavy duty roller is rolled over the latex 60,000 times to simulate normal use over 10 years. A reputable Latex Mattress manufacturer or retailer should be able to supply you with these results for their product. If they can’t, you should question the quality of their latex mattresses. LGA scores the Latex mattresses out of 100 points; we score 99 points out of 100 for our Latex Mattresses of a 75kg density, the highest point score possible. Some manufactures will claim 100 points but this is on a density of 95kg which much too firm for any possible sleeping comfort. If you always follow our care instructions, we guarantee that our latex mattress will not, beyond normal acceptable wear, compress, sag or lose their resilience or firmness for 20 years. More detailed information on our LGA test results is available, please, Download LGA tests

latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made
latex mattress adelaide dawn australia made

Latex Mattresses are not all the same.

The resilience and durability of your latex mattress is determined by three factors: the quality of the raw latex polymer, the particular technology used and the production experience. The quality of the raw rubber tree sap can be affected by the overall health and maturity of the rubber plantation as well as seasonal changes. We carefully monitor all these conditions to ensure that the quality of our Raw Latex is not compromised. We take pride in our technology and production methods. Some manufacturers join moulded pieces of latex in their larger mattresses, which can compromise the performance of the core. All Dawn latex mattresses are moulded as one piece up to 203 x 203cm, so that even King and Super King size can be made without any vertical joining. Experience counts at Dawn Latex Beds. Our production supervisor has over 25 years of experience in making 100% Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses. His extensive knowledge and experience, ensure that you will not get a better latex mattress anywhere in the world.