Latex Single Mattress 

Latex Single Mattress 

100 Day Comfort Guarantee and 20 Year Warranty

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Dawn Latex Mattresses supply the best quality organic latex single mattress with free Australia wide delivery.

Sleeping peacefully is vital for your health and well being

Dawn Latex Mattresses offer the most luxurious but also supportive and comfortable latex mattress in Australia. When you sleep on one of our natural single latex beds that has been individually customized for you, you will wake feeling, refreshed, revitalized and with more energy to enjoy your day. Our customers regularly tell us their quality of sleep and comfort has improved significantly after sleeping on our natural single mattresses and that they have no more back pain or tiredness and feel more energised. Weather at work or play, better quality sleep gives you more balanced energy to help you easily rise above any challenges that the day has instore.    



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For friendly, helpful and professional advice supported by over 36 years of experience, phone us today on 1800822681 or if you prefer a free and quick online experience do our Mattress Finder to get the best price latex mattress and guaranteed correct mattress type. Selection is made easy when buying a latex mattress when you follow our Mattress Finder recommendations, here you will see your customized results displayed for you in our Mattress Wizard.

Free Latex Single Mattress Delivery Australia wide

As part of our service, we provide free and fully insured latex mattress delivery within 7-14 days to your door. Please advise if you have any special delivery requests or instructions and we will follow accordingly.

Shop our pure single latex beds with confidence. With our 100-day comfort guarantee and extensive 20-year warranty, you can purchase securely and safely with the peace of mind of knowing you are buying Australia’s best latex mattress.



Dawn Latex Mattress Established Since 1986

We have been supplying our natural single bedding products for over 35 years and we are a certified Australian Made and owned business, which is still owned and hands on operated by Brett Craig the original founder. Our business philosophy is a simple, first always listen to our customers experience as this gives us valuable information in determining the best mattress to suit their individual needs and requirements. Secondly supply only the best quality and price whilst maintaining a service which is second to none.



Australian Made, factory direct prices.

Buy a Single Latex Mattress from home

Buying a single latex bed is easy, safe and can be done quickly and confidently from the comfort of your own home. All sizes are available, a latex queen mattress is still the most popular size for couples and single persons, the luxury of sleeping area a latex king mattress provides make it the second most popular size and gives a couple plenty of extra width to spread out, a latex king single mattress provides extra length and width for one person, a latex double mattress is extra spacious for one person or nice and cuddly for couples, a latex single mattress is great for children and still compact and comfortable for a single adult. We also do a super king latex mattress which is the widest available and because we make our latex beds in Australia, any custom size latex bed can be made to your requirements and specifications.

Please do our Free Mattress Finder it’s so easy and fun to use

You will be pleased how helpful and informative the results will be. You can choose to accept our Mattress Finder recommendations or explore freely the various options our Mattress Wizard can provide. If you have any questions or need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly staff by phone on 1800822681 who are always available to help, even after hours.



Want the best single latex bed in Australia

Our range of natural latex single bedding products are endorsed by Australia Made and Owned foundation. We have been supplying our customers for over 35 years with the highest quality single organic beds at factory direct prices to suit your budget. We also manufacture the largest range of uniquely crafted solid timber latex mattress bed frames. Crafted by hand from Tasmanian Oak and when complimented with our special European Posture Slat System they are perfectly matched for our organic single mattresses. 


Advanced Multi Density


Duel Multi Density

Best Quality range of natural latex bedding

With over one hundred different mattresses to choose from you’ll be sure to find the correct mattress to suit your individual needs, expectations, comfort and support requirements. Our comprehensive range includes our thickest latex mattress plush, our most popular latex mattress luxury, and our lighter weight latex mattress supreme, all available in a latex soft mattress, latex medium mattress and latex firm mattress densities. They also come in Multi density and Dual density options with Mono zone or 7 zone latex core designs. We specialize in tailoring our natural beds to suit couples or individuals with different softness and firmness requirements. With our special combination of soft, medium and firm latex layers and with our removable mattress cover design you can easily adjust the density of your natural latex mattress any time in the comfort and convenience of your home. Our Mattresses adjust to you, so there is no need for you to compromise your comfort or support by trying to adjust to the mattress.




The most pure and natural single latex beds

We use the best quality ECO and LGA German tested pure organic GOLS certified Dunlop processed latex, which is guaranteed to be highly resilient and durable. Being made from 100% pure natural materials they are a certified Nontoxic latex mattress and have no off-gassing.



Removable and washable luxurious Natural Tencel quilted covers

Our washable 100% natural Tencel quilted mattress covers are covered with 100% natural cotton and are more comfortable, hygienic and breathable, offering a healthier and cooler night’s sleep. For the best dust mite protection and hygiene, we recommend our heavy duty quilted two-part mattress covers. This special design allows the top part of the cover to be washed separately from the bottom part, making it easily and conveniently machine washable at home.

Mattress firmness and softness can be adjusted easily at home anytime

All our natural single latex beds have our unique Multi density cores, this allows you to adjust easily the firmness and softness of your latex bed at home, achieving the ultimate support and comfort. For couples with different softness or firmness needs our Dual density mattresses are highly recommended, each side of the mattress can be made a different density, this allows each person to tailor the softness or firmness individually on their side of the mattress. Never again do you need to sacrifice your comfort for your partners, you can both have exactly the comfort and support you require in the one king or queen mattress.


Hands on, Owner manager Brett Craig
Checking Quality control at the Source.

Your optimum sleep health and wellbeing are our number one priority.

Our uniquely tailored natural latex beds are vitally important for your optimum sleeping health and comfort. Our natural beds have unmatched ability to align correctly to different body types and different sleeping positions offering better comfort and support to a wider variety of people. The correct mattress density and thickness which is prescribed by the individual’s height and weight is critical for making the right selection for your new mattress. Also understanding the customers personal needs and preferences is also vitally important to factor in. The base support you plan to use with your new mattress, the type of bed you are currently using and your general sleeping history are all important considerations when determining the best latex mattress for your optimum comfort, wellbeing and overall sleeping health.  


Eco Friendly Single Latex Mattress

Our pure biodegradable organic beds have the least environmental impact of any other type of bed. Because they are made from 100% pure natural materials, they are truly the most ecofriendly beds available. This means they are also the best choice in helping to protect our planet and ultimately are the most environmentally friendly mattress to choose from.

Dawn Latex Single Mattresses wishes, you always Sleep well and Wake refreshed.


Hands on, Owner manager Brett Craig
Guarantees best quality, service and price.

Our certifications

dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds

This test evaluates the durability and the resilience characteristics of natural latex. Our 100% Natural Latex scores 99/100 points.
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dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds

Conducted by the ECO Institute of Germany, this test confirms that the Latex is 100% Natural and no harmful components are used.
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dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds


Our GOLS Latex Is 100% Certified Natural Organic
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dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds


Our Latex Mattress Covers are made from 100% Organic Cotton.
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dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds

This is a testing standard recognized for ‘children- safe’ material.
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dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds

This test which is conducted in ABC labs, USA, evaluates the antibacterial efficacy of natural latex.

dawn latex mattresses adelaide certification beds

Conducted by the Twin City Corporation, USA, this test evaluates the body interface pressure for latex products.