Tailoring the Latex Mattress Density to your Body Type

a couple sleeping well in bedSleeping comfort is guaranteed by matching the correct density latex mattress with your body height and weight. People with healthy backs often prefer firmer mattresses, but if you have stiffness and pain you may only sleep properly on a softer surface. Natural Latex Mattresses are the most adaptive because they conform to fit the sleeper’s shape, with the additional advantage of different firmness options. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right latex mattress by doing our free online sleep system consultation.

Tossing And Turning No More

Sleeping on a traditional inner spring mattress may put pressure on certain body points as the springs push back against you. Then you toss and turn to try to relieve the pressure point and your rest is disrupted. On a properly matched latex mattress this irritation is eliminated. You fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Give yourself the gift of restful sleep and your energy levels will rise.

Densities are Variable

How firm or soft your bed will feel depends on the density of the latex and how it is matched to your body type. An Indentation Load Deflection (IDL) measure is applied to all mattresses, including latex mattresses. This measure can range from 12 to 50, indicating a latex so soft it’s barely supportive to a firm texture that hardly depresses at all. We help you choose the ideal IDL number for you.

A pole testing the firmness of a latex mattress

Indentation Recovery

An important component of a comfortable mattress is a good recovery rate. Some memory foam mattresses will hold the shape of your hands for minutes before reforming to a smooth surface, unlike natural latex mattresses which change back instantly. A bed that recovers too slowly may leave you uncomfortable after you switch positions while asleep. We will help you choose the perfect mattress for you, combining quick recovery with an appropriate degree of firmness. Our specialised service ensures your satisfaction even if you are ordering online and can’t visit our showroom.

Take the guess work out of choosing the right latex mattress by doing our (FREE Online Sleep System Consultation).