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Tailored Sleep Systems

Latex Mattresses Sleep System Consultation
Our aim and responsibility is to supply to each individual the best bed possible. To do this, we need your help. Simply take a few minutes to answer some basic questions about yourself; it’s free, fun and interesting to see the results. This information is then combined with our experienced research data to offer you your own Individually Tailored Latex Mattress Sleep System.

Just like the best fitting and most comfortable clothing is tailored, so should be your bed. Note there are absolutely no charges for this service.

This is primarily a combined latex mattress and support system consultation, however if you require a prescription for our latex mattresses only still do the consultation and ignore the recommended support system. Note that it is important that you combine our latex mattresses with an adequate support base.

Be aware that if you use our latex mattresses with an existing inadequate base support our latex mattress guarantee may be void. If you require a support base only and no latex mattress then we recommend you use the support system as prescribed in the full prescription.