Natural Latex mattresses are designed to relieve stress and pressure on the body so that you get a better rest. Not only are they of superior comfort while sleeping, but you also wake up without the aches and pains increasing your vitality and effectiveness during the day. Latex mattresses are also more durable than other types of mattresses and are better value.

Latex World

How Latex Mattresses are made

Latex mattresses are made from either natural or synthetic latex, and some are made from a combination of the two. Natural Latex mattresses are created by pouring liquid latex into a mould and heating it until it vulcanizes. It emerges with holes that create different density zones over the length of the latex core and these holes also help to vent air when compressed. Overall, the Latex mattress is designed to fulfil one goal: the relief of pressure on your body to result in a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why Buy a Latex Mattress


Latex is the most durable material that can be used to make a mattress. No wonder a warranty of 20 years can be offered. The unique latex features means the latex mattress has an exceptional bounce-back capability when compressed, so it doesn’t develop sagging like spring mattresses.

How much you will pay for a latex mattress depends on the quality of the latex it contains and the quality of the cover materials. Thickness does not necessarily equate to durability. You are always better off having a latex mattress in only the thickness required to support your body weight correctly. Be aware thicker latex mattresses are usually made of inferior quality latex to help compensate on cost.

Comfort is the biggest bonus of a latex mattress. With a temperature regulation feature, it will not feel too hot or too cold. And if you are one of the unfortunate people who suffers from back or joint pain, this is the type of mattress for you.

Natural Latex mattresses are more hygienic than those made with other materials. You won’t need to worry that your mattress will cause you ill-health. It will resist mould, bacteria and mildew  naturally with no need for chemical treatments or harmful contaminants often found in conventional spring mattresses. Latex Mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites, thus, a latex mattress is good for someone with an allergy, or asthma or another respiratory ailment.

The Environmentally Friendly Mattress
Latex mattresses are the best choice if you aim for a green lifestyle at home. Latex is a natural product made from rubber tree sap. It does not contain any chemicals or pollutants, and it is fully biodegradable when it eventually decomposes back into the environment.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people should consider buying a latex mattress rather than a traditional one. It will mean the difference between possible discomfort and a good night’s sleep.