Design Features

Removable Washable Covers

Our Latex Mattresses have a continuous zipper around the whole mattress. This allows the top section of the mattress cover to be easily removed for washing and also gives you easy access to the latex cores. Our design provides for easy washing of your mattress cover in your domestic washing machine at home. The care label instructions are on the inside, which you can see upon immediately unzipping the cover. Read the instructions carefully and please contact us if you need any further help or advice. Always wash your cover in cold water and on a gentle cycle only, using a mild detergent.

We recommend drying in the shade only and out of direct sunlight. Washing your cover once or twice a year will provide for good general hygiene and is effective for preventing bacterial growth and dust mites. If you are very sensitive to dust mites or suffer from allergies, you may want to wash your cover more frequently. You can also dry clean your latex mattress cover, in which case we recommend you use Green Earth, an environmentally friendly, water- based dry cleaning process. Green Earth also leaves your latex mattress cover looking and smelling clean and fresh, unlike spirit-based, conventional dry cleaning processeses which smell unpleasant and contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and also can have an environmentally negative impact.

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Immediate responsive support

Our Natural Latex Mattresses immediately respond to different weights, providing the best possible comfort and support. Synthetic latex mattresses unfortunately do not react to weight as instantly causing your body to collapse into the mattress more. This depression encloses more body surface area, which in turn increases your body heat, and causes restless, disturbed sleep.

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Seven zones engineered for your comfort

Our Latex Mattresses have 7 zones for correct support which is vitally important. These zones promote correct spinal alignment which can help relieve pressure-point pain. Some parts of your body are different weights and shapes than other parts, so they are supported best by different levels of softness or firmness. For example, your neck and head are much lighter than your middle section or abdomen and so require a softer support. Generally speaking, the heavier parts of your body require a firmer density zone and the lighter parts of your body require a softer zone. Our Quality Natural Latex Mattresses have specifically engineered support zones, achieved by forming different pinhole sizes and configurations in the latex during the moulding process. These zones are symmetrical from the head to foot, so their relative positions do not change even when the latex mattresses are rotated or turned.

All the zones complement each other and work together to provide your body with the best support and comfort.

Multi Density Adjustment and Smart Design

All our Latex Mattresses have our unique multi-density latex cores. This is different from the zoning system which determines different densities in different parts along the length of the latex mattress. Our Multi- Density feature enables you to create different density settings over the entire mattress surface. Our multi density feature allows you to fine tune your Latex Mattresses at home, allowing you to choose up to four different possible density settings within the one mattress.

Considering that our Premium Quality Latex Mattresses can last up to 20 years, it makes good sense to be able to adjust your latex mattress as your needs change. What is comfortable at one time may change in years to come and that’s when you can take full advantage of our inbuilt Multi-Density adjustable feature. You always have the option to maintain optimum support and comfort.

Lots of customers tell the story of buying a bed from another store and then getting it home only to discover that it wasn’t as comfortable as they thought and then they are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress. This is because quick in-store trials are not 100% reliable in determining the correct mattress density. That’s why having this adjustability at home and at any time is so valuable.

Our latex mattresses are made up of one multi density latex core made up of different density layers. The densities are soft, medium and firm. How the mattress feels is determined by which side you sleep on and how you configure the layers; for example, when the softer layers are at the top sleeping surface, the mattress will feel softer or when the firmer layers are at the top the mattress will feel firmer. Our 12cm latex mattresses are made with a laminated block of two different densities, providing two density settings. Our 17cm Latex Mattresses have an additional 5cm core, which provides for up to 4 different overall mattress density adjustments.

The image of Soft, Medium and Firm to the right illustrates some of the different possible densities of our 17cm latex mattresses. The bottom two, firm and medium layers, are laminated together with natural latex to form a multi density latex core. The soft layer on top in this picture, can also be put on the bottom to create more density settings.

For more details please consult our Multi Density Configuration Chart below.

Multi Density Chart

Our Dawn Deluxe Latex Mattresses are 12cm thick. They are called M1 and M2 and have our multi-density laminated latex mattress cores. The M2 latex mattresses are medium/firm and the M1 latex mattresses are soft/medium. As one side of the latex mattress is softer or firmer than the other side you may choose at any time your preferred comfort density.

Our Dawn Supreme Latex Mattresses are 17cm thick. They are called M3, M4 and M5. They also have either the M1 or M2, 10cm multi-density latex cores, but they have an additional 5cm core which can be soft, medium or firm. See chart above.

As shown in the chart, when the separate 5cm core is a different density to either density in the 10cm multi-density laminated core, up to 4 possible density setting are available. Within this choice however, you do not have the option of a Mono Setting (the same density setting on both sides of the mattress).

Mono Settings are possible where the separate 5cm core is the same as either density in the 10cm multi-density laminated core, but with this choice there are only 3 possible density settings available.

We also provide a split multi density latex mattress core. This is still a one core latex mattress but we tailor the densities differently for each side of the mattress, allowing you and your partner to have your own density prescription on your side of the latex mattress.

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