Tina Clemens

Dealing with Dawn Latex Mattresses was amazing. I spoke to many shops and sales people ahead of making the decision to purchase form Dawn, and found that out of all of the shops (5 in total in Aus), Brett was the most informative and helpful, and least pushy when making a sale.

We wanted good information first to make a decision for this long-term investment requiring multiple discussions over the phone and emails (in buying online) to clarify my specific needs in mattress type, covers and height. Brett could not have been more attentive and genuine with his help and service. The delivery went smoothly. Do though have a second person available to help unload the mattress from the truck when it arrives, if not one already.

The weight of the mattress matches the feel, which is utterly solid and supportive. I’m not a great sleeper, but this is by far the MOST comfortable experience I’ve ever had. It’s perfect. The selection, aided by Brett, matched needs perfectly. Going to bed every night is like stepping into a cloud! No words to truly describe it. There are no ‘pressure points’, and the zonation works with the body highly sympathetically.

The support is totally reliable. On top of that I know I’ve bought a mattress that will last for 20+ years, without sagging. The mattress is free of metal, to reduce EMFs during sleep. The mattress is cool and does not overheat in our subtropical climate. The cover is easy to put on and remove or air, with its all round zip function. The options in changing the feel of the mattress if ever needed are limitless too, with the various layers involved in the system. The price was the best around for quality.

I highly recommend a pure Latex Mattress to anyone considering a good quality and SUPREMELY comfortable product, and highly recommend Dawn Latex Mattresses. My latex mattress is superior to anything I’ve ever owned or slept in, including hundreds of high end motels. Well done, Dawn Latex Mattresses.

Thank you.