Latex Mattresses Shopping

Shopping for Latex Mattresses

Buying a latex bed, shopping for a quality Latex Mattress can be confusing. Ours are the best claims every supplier. So who should you trust? You are in safe hands if you purchase from a Latex Mattresses specialist who guarantees the quality of their product, backed by independent research and certification.

Two key independent bodies, the ECO and LGA institutes, test the quality of latex mattress bedding materials; ECO tests the material content of the latex mattresses and LGA tests for the durability and resilience of the Latex Mattresses.

Download ECO Test results
Download LGA Test results

Also confusing is the fact that price does not necessarily determine quality. You can pay thousands more and still not get the best quality latex mattress.

People ask: Why Natural Latex Mattresses are so expensive?

The truth is that they are not; not when you consider what it takes to harvest the raw material, to tap the sap from the Rubber Tree, and then to process this precious raw material into the best quality 100% Natural Latex Mattress. It takes almost 1000 tappings to produce one Queen size Natural Latex Mattress. For this you need to tap 7.5 hectares of rubber tree plantation. Each tapping needs to be done skilfully by hand, there is no machine that can do the job. The high labour component in the harvesting of the latex sap makes the raw latex so valuable that it is called Liquid Gold, and ships have been pirated for this precious cargo.

The other factor to weigh up, is that when you buy one of our Premium Quality Latex Mattresses, you are making an investment in sublime sleeping comfort for at least 20 years. This is about 5475 sleeps, which works out to about 25 cents per sleep, not expensive for a good night’s sleep.

Thickness and Density Designed for Your Support and Comfort

Washable Mattress CoverWashable Mattress Cover

Our Latex Mattresses come in 3 different densities; Firm, Medium and Soft. This means that within our Multi Density range there are 32 different density options. Some latex mattresses are made from cheaper quality latex, resulting in premature collapsing, whereas all our latex mattresses, regardless of thickness, are made from only Premium Quality ensuring their longevity.

The thickness and density of the Latex Mattress that we prescribe for you will be determined by several factors. Generally speaking, our 12cm Latex Mattresses are for people of lighter weight and are best combined with our support systems only. Our 17cm thick Supreme Latex Mattresses are for lighter to average weights. Our 22cm Luxury Latex mattresses are for heavier weights and although not advised, can sometimes be combined with standard slat supports. Our Luxury Plush Latex Mattresses are suitable for weights over 120kg. Generally speaking a person of average weight, say between 60kg -100 kg, would require a Latex Mattress not less than 12cm thick and no greater than 22cm thick.

A Latex Mattress that is thicker than what you require for your body type  can sometimes negate the benefits of our special posture slats systems.

Dawn Latex Beds, The World’s Best

We have a reputation for the best quality and price.

Our 100% Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses are made in our own factory, so you make a Genuine Saving.

It is undisputed in the bedding industry that Premium 100% Natural Latex makes the best quality bedding known to man; their comfort and durability are simply unmatched.

Our range is superior: featuring latex mattresses that are made from 100% Natural, 7- Zoned Multi- Density, 100 point LGA and 97 point ECO rated Quality Latex. The Latex core can then be covered in our Heavy Duty 1000gsm, 100% Cotton and 100% Natural Tencel Quilted, Removable washable cover.

Our 100% Natural Latex is sourced and made in Vietnam from locally harvested and properly managed rubber tree plantations. Rubber trees are long-lived and a naturally sustainable resource. Vietnam has maintained a world-renowned reputation for producing the highest quality 100% Natural Latex Mattresses from locally harvested and managed plantations.