No Hot Sleeps with Our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex Mattresses have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. 90% of people sleeping on 100% natural latex mattresses vote them the most comfortable bed they have ever had. This compares with 70% of people sleeping on synthetic latex or polyurethane foam and 60% of people sleeping on traditional mattresses with springs. Sleeping on a naturally breathing Latex Mattress makes good sense. You will be more comfortable because your body more easily maintains the most comfortable temperature. Synthetic materials restrict breathing and cause body stress.

Not all Latex is the same

There are two main types: Dunlop processed latex made from 100% natural latex polymers and Talalay Latex which is a synthetic blended latex. Even within these two types quality can vary a lot, depending on the quality of the polymer, the manufacture’s technical equipment and skill and the inbuilt features of the end product. We confidently recommend our Premium Quality 100 % Natural Dawn Latex Mattresses which are covered by our 60 Day Comfort guarantee and 10 year warranty.

Latex mattresses breathe well

Natural Latex Mattresses breathes due to their reticulated open cell structure. Our reticulated latex foam is made up of countless tiny cells that form a net like structure that is highly resilient and breathable. This allows maximum movement of the cells without causing structural break-down. Petroleum based, slow recovery Memory Foam is also a reticulated foam. But Latex Mattresses are unique because they also feature a plethora of microscopic holes that penetrate from the top to the bottom of the mattress. Thus air and moisture pass right through, unlike the cell structure of normal foam. You can test this by pouring water on natural latex and see it pass right through. Now pour some on synthetic foam which acts like a sponge and will absorb all the water.

How well a latex mattress breathes is also dependent on the type of bed frame and slat system. A simple elevated, open bed frame design with posture slats will provide much better air circulation to your latex mattress than a bulky frame which surrounds the mattress restricting air circulation. Most important is the type of slats. Posture slats are timber slats made with a slight upward curve. They allow about 80% more air circulation than typical flat slats. Our Posture slats also have more flexibility so they provide better contouring for different body shapes and weights. The upward curving feature of our posture slats has even been shown to correct spinal misalignment and other associated problems. Our Posture Slat Systems can also be fitted with adjustable weight sliders so they can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Improve your posture with our slat system

Not all posture slat systems are the same quality. Some posture slats on the market are mounted poorly, flatten or break, or too few are provided to give adequate support. You will suffer none of these problems with the Dawn Latex Mattress Slat System, fully covered by our 10 year warranty. Combine our quality 100% Natural Dawn Latex Mattress with our well-designed Dawn posture slat bed frame, and you will be sleeping on one of the most comfortable beds in the world today.

Latex mattress advantages

Latex Mattresses have many other advantages. Not only is the material breathable and comfortable, latex is also one of the most durable bedding materials. You may pay more for your natural latex mattress up front, but you can count on it lasting you up to 3 times longer than a good conventional spring mattress. Our Latex mattresses are also naturally anti- bacterial and repel dust mites, so no added chemicals need to be added. Dawn Latex Mattresses are 100% chemical free and also have removable covers which can easily be washed at home.

Dawn Latex Mattresses provide mattresses of various densities for different body types, soft, medium and firm. In most cases, the heavier the person the firmer the latex recommended. Our Dawn Natural Latex Beds free online consultation will give you the best latex density to suit your body type and individual needs. Another special feature of the Dawn latex mattresses is multi- density layering which allows you to adjust the overall density of the mattress at home and at anytime. So when you go shopping for your mattress, choose a Dawn Latex Bed and get better value for your dollar.

No added Chemicals in our Natural Latex Mattresses

We spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping, so the quality of your mattress is extremely important. Experts recommend replacing a conventional spring mattress after seven years, as it loses support and becomes unhygienic. Dust mites and their by-products as well as dead human skin cells accumulate in old spring mattresses. If you’re in the market for a new mattress you should consider Our Premium Quality 100% Natural latex Mattresses which offer superior comfort, support, durability, hygiene and sustainability.

Environmental And Health Pitfalls Of Conventional Mattresses

Conventional mattresses are generally made of non-biodegradable materials that clog landfills with toxic waste for years after disposal. Toxicity results from spraying with chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) to make them flame resistant. Nor do you win the battle against dust mites by purchasing a visco-elastic polyurethane foam mattress; these types of mattresses emit volatile organic compounds. If you generally live a healthy dietary lifestyles you may be even more sensitive to these toxic compounds, and the PBDE toxins readily accumulate in the body’s tissue fat. These chemically-laden mattresses commit an environmental and personal offence.

Healthier Alternatives And Naturally Sustainable

It is good that the push to increase good environmental stewardship has reached the textile industries. There are now various natural and organic mattress products available, utilising cotton, wool, natural latex, or a combination of natural materials. The natural mattress niche market has not been much regulated, and it has been only recently that third-party organisations like ECO Umweltinstitut of Germany have emerged to verify the claims of natural mattress manufacturers.

Authentic Natural Latex Mattresses are made of 100 per cent pure natural latex tapped from rubber trees. Nor is it necessary to use chemical additives to make them fire resistant. A reputable company will invite third-party testing of the materials they use, so you may know you get truth in advertising.

Value Comparison

You could pay as much for a high quality Mattress as a small used vehicle. Such an investment requires careful thought. Natural Latex Mattresses with natural timber bed frames, priced from $4000.00, are actually great value, when you take into account all the health and durability benefits.


At Dawn Latex Beds we manufacture our latex mattresses from sustainably grown rubber tree plantations in Malaysia, and our bed frames are crafted from timber from local sustainable Australian forests. The result is beautiful furniture which supports an eco-friendly industry and gives you the truly restful sleep you need.

Tailoring the Latex Mattress Density to your Body Type

Tossing And Turning No More

Sleeping on a traditional inner spring mattress may put pressure on certain body points as the springs push back against you. Then you toss and turn to try to relieve the pressure point and your rest is disrupted. On a properly matched latex mattress this irritation is eliminated. You fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Give yourself the gift of restful sleep and your energy levels will rise.

Densities are Variable

How firm or soft your bed will feel depends on the density of the latex and how it is matched to your body type. An Indentation Load Deflection (IDL) measure is applied to all mattresses, including latex mattresses. This measure can range from 12 to 50, indicating a latex so soft it’s barely supportive to a firm texture that hardly depresses at all. We help you choose the ideal IDL number for you.

Indentation Recovery

An important component of a comfortable mattress is a good recovery rate. Some memory foam mattresses will hold the shape of your hands for minutes before reforming to a smooth surface, unlike natural latex mattresses which change back instantly. A bed that recovers too slowly may leave you uncomfortable after you switch positions while asleep. We will help you choose the perfect mattress for you, combining quick recovery with an appropriate degree of firmness. Our specialised service ensures your satisfaction even if you are ordering online and can’t visit our showroom.

Take the guess work out of choosing the right latex mattress by doing our (FREE Online Sleep System Consultation).

Buy only Independently Tested and Quality Certified Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex mattresses are designed to relieve stress and pressure on the body so that you get a better rest. Not only are they of superior comfort while sleeping, but you also wake up without the aches and pains that may have plagued you. Latex mattresses are also more durable than other types of mattresses and are better value.

Latex World

How Latex Mattresses are made
Latex mattresses are made from either natural or synthetic latex, and some are made from a combination of the two. Natural Latex mattresses are created by pouring liquid latex into a mould and heating it until it vulcanizes. It emerges with holes that create different density zones over the length of the latex core and these holes also help to vent air when compressed. Overall, the Latex mattress is designed to fulfil one goal: the relief of pressure on your body to result in a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why Buy a Latex Mattress

Latex is the most durable material that can be used to make a mattress. No wonder a warranty of 10 years can be offered. The unique latex features means the latex mattress has an exceptional bounce-back capability when compressed, so it doesn’t develop sagging like spring mattresses.

How much you will pay for a latex mattress depends on the quality of the latex it contains and the quality of the cover materials. Thickness does not necessarily equate to durability. You are always better off having a latex mattress in only the thickness required to support your body weight correctly. Be aware thicker latex mattresses are usually made of inferior quality latex to help compensate on cost.

Comfort is the biggest bonus of a latex mattress. With a temperature regulation feature, it will not feel too hot or too cold. And if you are one of the unfortunate people who suffers from back or joint pain, this is the type of mattress for you.

Natural Latex mattresses are more hygienic than those made with other materials. You won’t need to worry that your mattress will cause you ill-health. It will resist mould, bacteria and mildew and you won’t need chemical treatment to overcome such harmful contaminants. Because the latex mattress has smooth surfaces, dust mites can’t find refuge. Thus, a latex mattress is good for someone with an allergy, or asthma or another respiratory ailment.

The Environmentally Friendly Mattress
Latex mattresses are the best choice if you aim for a œgreen  home. Latex is a natural product made from rubber tree sap. It does not contain any chemicals or pollutants, and it is fully biodegradable when it eventually decomposes back into the environment.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people should consider buying a latex mattress rather than a traditional one. It will mean the difference between possible discomfort and a good night’s sleep.