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Natural verses Synthetic

In summary, these are the benefits of our Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses over synthetic latex mattresses.

  1. Latex Mattresses are 100% Natural Non-Toxic Materials only
  2. Latex Mattresses are Environmentally Friendly
  3. Latex Mattresses Healthier and More Hygienic
  4. Latex Mattresses provide Cooler Comfort that Breathes Better
  5. Latex Mattresses have Greater Resilience and Durability

For all these benefits, Dawn Natural Latex Mattresses are the ultimate choice.

1. Natural 100%Non Toxic Pure Latex

The ECO institute is an independent testing body that monitors the composition of latex mattress cores and reports any toxic materials that may be harmful to your health. For easy understanding the tests are scored out of 100%. Our Latex mattresses are made from 100% Natural Latex Polymer with no synthetic polymers used. To convert our 100% liquid latex polymer into latex foam no more than 3.5% of Ash and other non toxic materials are required. The 3.5% of other content is needed to insure the quality of our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses.

eco test passed
eco test result

2. Friendly for the Environment

Our Natural Latex Mattresses are the most environmentally friendly bedding option, healthier for you and the Planet. To see how much less energy is used to produce Natural Latex Mattresses compared to Synthetic latex mattresses or Foam, see our LEC (Latex Energy Conservation) chart. Our Latex mattresses are fully bio-degradable. By contrast, mattresses made of petroleum- based synthetic materials clog land fill and when burnt release toxic gases. Our Natural Latex Mattresses decompose naturally and releases no toxins.

eco graph

3. More Healthy and Hygienic

Naturally Anti Dust mite and Anti-Bacterial

Our Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses have better natural anti- bacterial properties than any other type of bedding on the market. Their excellent breathability prevents moisture build- up, the major cause of bacterial growth and dust mite infestation, so you don’t have to use anti- bacterial chemicals. By contrast, synthetic latex traps moisture, causing bacteria and dust mites to flourish, so the introduction of additional chemicals is then needed to combat this problem.

Naturally Hypoallergenic Properties

Our Natural Latex Mattresses are better for anybody’s health and well being. They are especially beneficial for people who suffer from any allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory problems, hay fever, asthma and eczema. All of our mattress cores go through an extensive washing process at the final stage of production, ensuring they are the cleanest and most contaminant- free in the world.

Hygienic healthy

4. Breathes For Cooler Comfort

Our Natural Latex Mattresses breathe better than mattresses made with synthetic latex. It is generally true that natural materials breathe better than synthetic materials and provide greater comfort. For example, 100% woollen or natural Tencel quilts compared to synthetic ones or 100% cotton clothing compared to synthetic clothing. It is the breathability of Natural Materials which give them the unique ability to respond to body temperature fluctuations. The reason you feel more relaxed and comfortable is because your body’s in-built temperature regulation mechanism is in balance with the natural material and is not stressed by synthetic materials. The unique breathing open-cell structure of our Natural Latex Mattresses is unmatched by any other bedding material on the market. Be careful when comparing the quality of Latex Mattresses. The micro-cellular structures and longevity of natural latex can be compromised by poor manufacturing processes, affecting its breathing properties, resulting in discomfort and premature wearing of the mattress. Such damage is not easily seen and can only be recognised by an experienced manufacturer, that’s why you should only buy your Latex Mattress from a Latex Mattress Specialist.

Latex Mattress Honeycomb soft

Other important factors affecting how well a latex mattress can breathe is the type of covering material used. Dawn Latex Mattress covers are made from a strong 100% cotton fabric, between which is sandwiched a very generous 1000gsm 100% Tencel quilted wadding. A synthetic material, such as polyester or wool/polyester blends, can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Not our Tencel quilting, which has unmatched cooling and comfort properties. Tencel quilting breathes better, (about 50% better than cotton quilting) has a greater capacity to dissipate moisture, and adapts better to your body temperature and seasonal changes. You spend about a third of your life in bed, so the more relaxed and comfortable you are during sleep, the more efficiently your body regenerates itself and the greater your overall well being and health will become. The breathability of both the mattress and its cover is particularly important for infants and older people who suffer more from the dangers of heat stress because their bodies do not regulate temperature so efficiently.

5. Greater Resilience and Durability

(LGA) or Landes Gewerbe Anstalt is an independent German institute that tests the durability and resilience of latex mattresses worldwide. A heavy duty roller is rolled over the latex 60,000 times to simulate normal use over 10 years. A reputable Latex Mattress manufacturer or retailer should be able to supply you with these results for their product. If they can’t, you should question the quality of their latex mattresses. LGA scores the Latex mattresses out of 100 points; we score 100 points out of 100 for our Latex Mattresses  the highest point score possible. If you always follow our care instructions, we guarantee that our latex mattress will not, beyond normal acceptable wear, compress, sag or lose their resilience or firmness for 20 years. More detailed information on our LGA test results is available, please, Download LGA tests

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Latex Mattresses are not all the same.

The resilience and durability of your latex mattress is determined by three factors: the quality of the raw latex polymer, the particular technology used and the production experience. The quality of the raw rubber tree sap can be affected by the overall health and maturity of the rubber plantation as well as seasonal changes. We carefully monitor all these conditions to ensure that the quality of our Raw Latex is not compromised. We take pride in our technology and production methods. Some manufacturers join moulded pieces of latex in their larger mattresses, which can compromise the performance of the core. All Dawn latex mattresses are moulded as one piece up to 203 x 203cm, so that even King and Super King size can be made without any vertical joining. Experience counts at Dawn Latex Beds. Our production supervisor has over 25 years of experience in making 100% Premium Quality Natural Latex Mattresses. His extensive knowledge and experience, ensure that you will not get a better latex mattress anywhere in the world.