Latex Mattress Types

Latex Mattress Types

Sometimes customers are confused because there appear to be many types of latex mattresses. However, in fact there are really only two main types, 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and Synthetic Blended Latex Mattresses. There are also some mattresses which are called latex mattresses which have no natural latex at all, so it is very important to know these differences when shopping for a latex mattress.

Dunlop latex

The Dunlop processed latex is the original process which produces 100% Natural Dawn Latex Mattresses. Dunlopillo however is only a brand name and is a synthetic blended latex mattress. When we say that our latex mattresses are made from 100% Natural Latex it means that there are no synthetic polymers or fillers mixed with our Natural Latex polymer. However, it is always necessary to include 3% -4% of other natural and non- toxic materials to convert the 100% natural liquid latex polymer into  natural latex foam for making our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses.

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Talalay Latex


Talalay latex mattresses usually have a synthetic blended latex mattress core. The percentage of synthetic material blended with the natural latex polymer can vary from 20% to 80% depending on the manufacturer. European manufacturers in particular favour the Talalay process as they need to compensate for the high import costs of getting the natural latex from Asian countries by adding petroleum based synthetic polymers.

Latex Mattresses Natural Latex?

Our Latex Mattresses are made from 100% Pure Natural Latex derived from the white milky sap tapped from the bark of the Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). Today we use the very same rubber sap that Christopher Columbus in 1496 discovered the Haitian natives making into wondrous balls that bounced. Our Latex Mattresses are made using the same traditional, but improved methods that were first created in the 1930’s by the Dunlop Rubber Company in England now know as the 100% Natural Dunlop Process. The sap is made into soft, honeycombed foam- like material. The unique properties and micro- cellular structure of this material mean superior durability, comfort and hygiene. From growing to harvesting, through the whole production process and for its long life, our Natural Latex Beds Mattresses are one of the most environmentally beneficial products you will ever own. We like to say that our Latex Mattresses are derived from one of the most miraculous gifts in nature.