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Sofa Bed Frames

All our Sofa Bed Frames are 100% Australian made. Having features that surpass those of any other sofa bed, they are some of the most versatile and comfortable sofa beds in the world. Ours are the only solid timber Queen and King sized posture slat sofa beds on the market to offer a width way converting fully optioned design. Our unique three way conversion design, converts to a full Queen or King size bed, while as a sofa they use much less space. Our King sized sofa bed can accommodate seats for 3-4 people, while a Queen can seat 2-3 people comfortably.

Our easy and simple to use design can be converted in seconds and makes no compromises on sleeping or sitting comfort. You are guaranteed to receive only the very best in personalized support, as our clever design fully facilitates our quality Posture Slat Support System. With the use of any of our three different Sofa Bed Frame Kits, you can easily customise your sofa bed at any time to enhance its functionality. This three-fold and compact design is more commonly used with our 12cm Latex Deluxe mattress, however you can also use our 17cm Latex Supreme mattress if you are primarily using just the reclining or bed position. Our Futon Mattresses can be used with our sofa beds. They are a less expensive option but not ideal and we recommend them for occasional, guest use only.