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Lounge Bed Frames

Our lounge bed frames have the most advanced design, allowing you to convert your lounge into a bed quickly and easily. These frames come complete with our Quality Posture Slat Support and integrated design system which offers you unsurpassed personalized comfort with a dozen seating angles. In contrast to our sofa bed frames, this design converts long ways, with the length of the bed becoming the seating area. The single fold design ensures unrestricted choice of our Latex Mattresses allowing for both our Latex Mattress Deluxe or our thicker Latex Mattress Supreme to be used. The extra seating room lets four people sit on the lounge very comfortably, perfect for larger rooms or where space is not an issue. The lounge bed frame features our integrated design system, giving you all the flexibility you require. The higher height in both lounge and bed positions give you a formal look without the need for any leg adjustment. The standard leg features two height settings, offering you different bed and lounge heights.

Castor wheels can also be fitted, ensuring the lounge is easier to move around the room or convert from a lounge to a bed position. We also stock a huge range of less expensive imported double size futon lounge beds. While they don’t have the same inbuilt quality as our lounge bed frames they are the best of all the imported ranges and still represent great value.